Community Service and Social Action

​​Catholic Social Justice teaching, based firmly in the Scriptures, requires that we look after those in need in our societies and all of creation and that we undertake social action where justice demands change i​​n social structures.  At San Sisto, the Christian call to service and justice is explicitly taught in the Religious Education curriculum at the high school. Opportunities to respond to that call are provided by co-curricular service and justice activities. These activities may vary from year to year as situations change and opportunities arise. The following activities are currently undertaken and form a significant component of the co-curricular program of the college. 

Social Justice Group​​ Meeting


Students in Years 7-12 are invited to join the San Sisto Greenies. The Greenies aim to raise awareness in the college community of ​environmental issues and to ‘make a difference’ to our college and local environment. T​​his group gets involved in projects like Clean Up Australia Day and the College herb garden, and regularly presents environmental messages to the College.

Fridays at lunch time
Justice Afternoon

San Sisto hosts an annual Justice Afternoon to which students and staff from other high schools are invited. A guest speaker is invited to address a partic​​ular social justice issue. Students in Years 11 and 12 organise and host this breakfast.​​

Social Justice Group​​​​​​

​Students in Years 7-12 can belong to the Social Justice Group. The focus of this group is on raising awareness in the college community of social justi​ce issues e.g. the disparity in wealth between the developing and developed nations, the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia, people trafficking, child slavery. This group also supports the work of St Vincent de Paul, raising money for needy people in the local community, Caritas, Catholic Mission and Dominican Communities.​

Wednesdays at lunch time
Service Activi​​ties

A different service activity is provided for girls at each year level from Years 7-12.  Years 7-8 support the Rosies streen van.  Years 9-10 work with the local Meals on Wheels.  Year 12 students visit the Rosies street van.

Immersion Trip​​​​​​​​
​​Currently, an immersion trip to Cambodia and Vietnam is offered to students in Years 10 - 12 every year.  San Sisto partners with Catholic Mission to offer this opportunity.