Overseas Trips

​The overseas trips offered at San Sisto College ​help promote both language skills and cultural awareness in our students. These excursions run every alternate year when enough students warrant.

Vietnam & Cambodia 2019

The trip included five San Sisters, six Emmaus College (Jimboomba) students and three teachers.  Starting the trip Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the students soaked up the new culture with walking tours by knowledgeable guide Brian, followed by a bus tour with 'Mr Heavy', a local man with endless enthusiasm for his country.

After crossing the border into Cambodia, the first stop was the St Augustine's Parish in Kampot.  The students spent time with the local children from Sister Mary Ange's school, as well as, planting mangroves to ensure a sustainable food source for the local community.  The next stop was Takeo Province. The group stayed with Father Fernando's Kirivong community at the Holy Trinity Parish, then stayed at St Francois School where the students participated in classes and play with the younger students.

Day 10 was emotionally challenging for the studen​​ts as the day involved visiting the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and Choeng Ek Killings Fields in Phnom Penh.  The last few days were​ spent in Siem Reap exploring breathtaking temples at Angkor and bartering at the local markets.

Cambodia Vietnam 2019.png

Italy 2018

Ten students from Years 9 — 12, embarked on a once in a lifetime trip in September 2018. The long anticipated wait of what had been about five years for some and a trip that was almost a year in the planning, had finally arrived. There were smiles, there were tears and most of all, there was excitement! The San Sisters, displaying their red San Sisto Italian Tour shirts proudly, said goodbye to their families for a long seventeen days and left on a long flight to Dubai, then on to Italy.
"Thinking back to our arrival I can remember how excited we all were, everything was new and different. I especially remember being overwhelmed simply by the greenery, the buildings, the Italian signs and the number of Fiats that were everywhere.
It was just the beginning. Rome, Pompeii, the Vatican City, Assisi, Florence, Pisa, Alba, Milan, Lago Maggiore, Verona and Venice were all absolutely stunning." 

Cambodia 2018

The journey was all about experiencing a cross-cultural immersion, in particular the different culture, food and life issues that people of the majority world face each day. As well as being able to form relationships with, and learn from, each other how we might share those resources we each have in disproportionate abundance. Along with gaining an understanding of how in two places of such horrific history – Vietnam and Cambodia – the people have endured.

The trip also included five other students and three teachers from Emmaus College in Jimboomba.

The trip focused on experiencing and exploring the countries of Cambodia and Vietnam, with  the opportunity to visit churches, kindergartens and schools. A core element of the journey was about spending days living within a community and engaging with local people in a village context to experience life as they live it. The main aim of the trip therefore is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and experience what everyday life is like for the people of Cambodia. 

Japan 2016

In 2016, nineteen San Sisters embarked on a three week Japanese immersion trip. The first ten days of the trip were spent in the depths of Kyushu island – more specifically, the Kumamoto Prefecture. During these ten days, all students and teachers were immersed in traditional Japanese culture and language. Everyone tried their best to speak as much Japanese as possible, picking up small phases and dialect from each town along the way. They visited the most anticipated Kumamoto Castle, before heading to the active volcano, Mt Aso. They journeyed into the Japanese bush to the mountainous land of Gokanasho, where they participated in making tofu and learnt about the history of the Heike clan and the legacy they left upon Japan. They experienced a warm welcome from Shirayuri Gakuen (a Catholic girls’ school), in Yatsushiro. Shirayuri Gakuen was where they had their very first homestay. The last of the time in Kyushu was spent in Amakusa and Unzen, where they had the opportunity to do rice planting, go to Shimabara Castle and go dolphin watching!
For the final eleven days of the trip, they all experienced the city life of Japan. They travelled to Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where they saw the memorials of the two atomic bombs dropped in 1945, then on to Kyoto for their second homestay. This homestay was for six nights, to give them an idea of how Japanese families operate and live on a daily basis. Their host sisters spoiled them and took many of them to places such as Arashiyama, Kinkakuji and Yasuha Shrine. Many memories were made and will be held onto forever.  By the end of this homestay there were many tears from all girls, but most importantly lifelong friendships were made and will never be forgotten. The final destination was Tokyo – Japan’s capital city. Here they went shopping and had a speed-date style dinner with the Iona boys. They also got the chance to spend the day at Disneyland!
It is highly recommend to go on a tour such as this, to not just improve your language, but it also improves understanding of Japanese culture and history.​ 

IMG_3444 (Small).JPGTimor L'Este 2016

In April 2016, twelve of our students also ventured to Timor L’Este in the April school holidays with our facilitator from Catholic Mission, Mr Mark Fogarty.  We travelled, not as tourists, but as people wanting to immerse themselves in another culture in order to learn what life is like for the people of that culture.  Given the poverty and the recent history of Timor L’Este, there was an added dimension: we wanted to understand how and why their lives are so different from ours in terms of resources and opportunities. 
Timor 5.jpg ​​