​The classroom curriculum at San Sisto aims to be responsive to girls' needs to best meet the challenges of the complex society of our times and beyond.

Subjects in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 are framed by the Queensland Key Learning syllabuses and are designed and taught to meet the particular needs of young women. We have focussed classes for students who require extra assistance and for those who wish to be extended.

Students in Year 9 complete one year of Information Communication & Technologies unless prerequisite skills can be demonstrated.

Several of our Year 10 subjects form the basis of Senior School subjects - providing students​ the opportunity to test their aptitude in particular areas.

All Year 10 students complete a Certificate in Work Education.

We offer an extensive range of senior subjects, including several that are vocationally based, and for which students are awarded Certificates I, II, or III, on successful completion.

Beyond the standard academic subjects, San Sisto College also offers classes in foreign languages - Italian and Japanese languages are taught to Year 12 with an overseas excursion to Italy and Japan offered, and co-curricular music and sport.

All students are trained in understanding their modal preference for learning, using the VARK methodology.​​​​​​​​

To view our Curriculum Overview, please click on the below link:

​​​Curriculum Overview.pdf