Academic Excellence


​As a Catholic secondary college in the Dominican Tradition we are committed to the education of young women. The Catholic values of truth, joy, faith and prayer, justice and compassion, community and service, and a love of learning are as essential to the contemporary world as they were in previous times. Our aim is to provide a learning environment that supports the individual student to meet the challenges of the future. With an emphasis on academic achievement, development of practical skills, promotion of community harmony and a wide co-curricular program, the college seeks to challenge each student in individual ways while fostering a strong feeling of community​​

Our college is divided into three schools: Caleruega (Years 7 and 8), Fanjeaux (Years 9 and 10) and Bologna (Years 11 and 12).

Each school has a strong identity and focuses on the specific developmental needs of the students.

We offer an extensive program of induction into community so that our girls can quickly feel valued and very much at home.

We assist students in preparing for academic, vocational and social challenges by relating educational agendas to their success in the future. We do this by:

  • ​Effectively addressing the educational goals and needs of students, leading to an ​increase in student achievements;
  • Collaborating with staff members and parents to cultivate an approach that ensures each student has the means to achieve success;
  • Fostering an environment based on mutual trust and respect to create open communication channels and honest dialogue about values, goals and expectations;
  • Making students motivated learners and facilitating their exploration of careers.

The Assistant Principal of Student Wellbeing and the School Coordinators are central to student wellbeing at the College. They are supported by the Guidance Counsellors, the Student Wellbeing Officer, the Organisational Advisor, the Careers Advisor, the Academic Advisor, the Physical Enrichment Coordinator, the Learning Support Officers, the Indigenous Liaison Officer, the Campus Minister and the Student Leadership Council.

If you have any pre-enrolment questions, please contact our Enrolment Officer, Helen Steffan on (07) 3900 9844 or by email ​​ ​​​

Alternatively, you can request a copy of the College Prospectus by clicking on the link below.

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