Stationery Lists for 2019

​Stationery lists for 2019 are now ‘live’ to order from either or​.

If you would like a hard copy for your daughter's order information,  simply tick all the boxes and print. When ordering online, to ensure that you have completed your order, please check that you have received two emails from the website.

  • Email #1.
    Confirm Payment,
    Delivery/Pick Up details. 
  • Email # 2.
    Confirmation Invoice. The Invoice Number must be quoted at the time of payment. If there is any problem please contact staff at Eastside School Supplies call 3890 3323. There is also a link to this website on the San Sisto College website under General Information on the left-hand of the menu.

Please Note: Due to the number of items required, unfortunately ordering online via mobile phone is difficult.  Best results are achieved on laptop or desktop computer.

Home delivery is available at a cost of $10.00 on Saturday 1 December (orders for this delivery must be placed by Thursday 1 November ) and Saturday 12 January 2019 (orders placed by Monday 17 December). In  store pick up is from Thursday 10 January 2019.

Availability cannot be guaranteed for orders placed after Monday 17 December for the beginning of the school year.

Workbooks are available only from this supplier and are compulsory.