A Love of Learning

​​​As a College we are entrusted by our community to provide engaging classroom pedagogies and employ high yield strategies to determine their impact. This is underpinned by wellbeing structures, as we work to create a learning environment that is innovative and nurtures the needs of each student.

Our 2017 NAPLAN results are ahead of Brisbane Catholic Education, National, State and QCEC scores for all literacy measures (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) in Year 7 and 9, and Numeracy in Year 9, whilst our Year 7 cohort exceeds BCE.

Both our Year 7 and 9 cohorts have demonstrated growth in all NAPLAN strands since their previous testing period.  Our Year 7 cohort have shown growth exceeding BCE and Australian rates in Reading and Numeracy, and above BCE patterns for Writing. Our Year 9 group exceed BCE growth rates in Writing, and both BCE and national trends in Numeracy.

In 2017, students have experienced an initiative known as Excellent Learning and Teaching—Moving Forward.  Student learning growth has been the goal and during the year there has been an explicit and targeted focus on literacy learning and teaching. This new initiative has built upon the great learning culture always experienced at the College, and has been achieved through consistent practices in classrooms and collaborative cultures amongst staff. Teachers have introduced students to a series of questions that served to assist them to gain deeper understandings of their learnings.  College Leadership Team members and Brisbane Catholic Education Leaders and Education officers have been frequent visitors to classrooms throughout the year.

College Assemblies have celebrated academic excellence and acknowledged those students who have been persistent in their studies, with an average of 62% of students receiving above expected results across core learning areas (compared with a BCE average of 52%).  We have also recognized students who achieved success through their efforts in academic competitions, involvement in university courses and achieved full attendance at school.

Our continued emphasis on academic achievement, development of practical skills, focus on student wellbeing, promotion of community harmony and a wide co-curricular program, will continue to challenge and cater to the varied interests and needs of students seeking both academic and vocational outcomes. In partnership with our College Leadership Team, Academic and Pastoral leaders, teachers, administrative and support staff, and parents and carers, the continued academic success of students at San Sisto College is assured.