BCE Excellence Awards

​​This week, three of our staff were nominated in three different categories at the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence Awards.

  • Mrs Manche — Excellence in supporting learning and teaching.
  • Mrs Rigby — Outstanding contribution to learning and teaching for twenty plus years.
  • Ms Lang — Excellence as an early career teacher (less than five years).

Mrs Rigby received a Highly Commended award in her category.

Awards such as these highlight the common characteristics found in staff within schools, such as:

  • positive student-faculty contact;
  • effective active learning;
  • achievable, yet high expectations;
  • respects diverse talents and ways of learning;
  • effective communication skills; and
  • commitment to teaching well.

Even though the awards recognise an individual, behind each nominee is a team of teachers, faculty members, college leadership teams and school communities.

We are very proud of the achievements of each of these San Sisto College nominees.

Congratulations to all of the worthy nominees entered in these prestigious awards.