Buddy Days

Each year we welcome Year 6 students from a wide range of primary schools to San Sisto College. Our Buddy Days are a wonderful opportunity for girls to get an early taste of life as a San Sisto College student. The students spend a whole day at the College trying out a variety of classes and experiencing a day in the life of a secondary student.

Each Year 6 student is buddied with a current Year 7 student who received ‘Buddy Training’ who are keen to share their experiences to visiting students. Our Year 7 students offer great insight into what to expect and how to prepare for the shift into a high school environment from primary school.
San Sisto College’s Caleruega School Coordinator, Lyne Tilt MacSporran, said, “Buddy Days are a highly valuable experience for our future ‘San Sisters’. It provides them with a unique chance to familiarise themselves with the College community as well as to get used to lesson changes, and lunch-time routines, and to make meaningful connections with girls who will be their sisters the following year. These days have been proven to help minimise anxiety and make for a smoother transition into high school for participating Year 6 students.”