Excellence in Education

Showcasing Learning and Teaching at San Sisto College.

We recently welcomed Dr Lyn Sharratt to the College, Educational Consultant, Lyn has been working with schools across the world, assisting them to provide innovative and effective strategies to increase teachers’ understanding of student capabilities and to design learning experiences to increase student achievement.

Lyn has been working with our Brisbane Catholic Education Pedagogy team and visited San Sisto to share an afternoon talking about learning and teaching in secondary schools. 

Our teachers and students were eager to showcase their classroom experience and share explanations and stories of what learning looked like in our classrooms. Lyn was excited that learning was visible and students could explain, in detail, the purpose of their learning and the steps they were taking to achieve improvement.

The team was particularly interested in our work designing 'Bump It Up' Models. These text models allow students to view examples of At Standard and Above Standard responses with specific and detailed instructions for improving the quality of written work. Lyn commented that our use of 'Bump It Up' models made the steps to writing improvement clear and provided detailed guidance for students to improve their writing across our subject areas. Our teachers designed these writing models to help explain the steps needed to successfully improve the detail in student writing. The models show, specifically how to 'Bump Up' their written responses. They are displayed in classrooms and are being used as part of our planning and drafting processes.

Lyn shared her insight and experience about best practice. Teachers and students gained from her knowledge and enjoyed the passion she showed for quality teaching and learning. Further reading about Dr Lyn Sharratt and her work in education can be found on her website: lynsharratt.com. We continued to work with Lyn for the afternoon where she provided detailed feedback for us about the types of learning experiences she could observe students engaging with throughout their day. This discussion affirmed the work we are doing in our classrooms each day and provided further direction for building assessment-capable and confident learners.​