Excellence in Leadership Award Win for San Sisto College

Queensland educators have been acknowledged for their educational advancements and leadership at the annual Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards on Thursday 15 June 2017. Cara Robinson-Taylor, San Sisto College’s Languages Academic Leader won the prestigious category award for Excellence in Leadership for Learning and Teaching.

Finalists representing many schools, and their guests, gathered at Victoria Park Golf Club to witness Archbishop Mark Coleridge and BCE Executive Director Pam Betts present each award and congratulate the winners.

Other worthy San Sisto College fina​lists also recognized for their achievements in the team awards category included Brad Barker, Cara Robinson-Taylor, Richard Yaxley, Kym Trew and Judy McDonald.

Shelley Hamilton, San Sisto College Principal, said “We are extremely proud of the innovations in educational excellence recognised in the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards on Thursday night. These amazing teachers have been driving this initiative within our school for the past two years

The team was formed in 2016 in response to the Brisbane Catholic Educations DELT initiative (Delivering Excellent Learning and Teaching Strategy). From the onset, the team recognised the need for a consistent and unified approach to the implementation of the Excellence in Learning and Teaching – Moving Forward strategy within the College.

A number of strategies were developed and successfully implemented throughout the College in order to ensure consistency. These included posters, cards and templates to promote visible learning in prominent areas in classrooms; weekly learning walks and talks as priorities in the timetable; constant analysis of data collected not only from student testing, but also from classroom observations; and review and response meetings conducted about individual students. A range of professional development sessions were delivered to ensure the upskilling of staff. ‘Bump it up models’ were clarified and refined and the strategic approach to using line of sight documents across the college was mandated. Professional development sessions were also conducted in the Writing Monitoring Tool to upskill staff in the marking of the tool and thus reducing in-school variation and ensuring the consistency of the data collection. The team recognised that communication with parents and the wider community about the initiative was imperative to ensure that parents were best able to support their daughters at home.

“I am so proud of the collaborative culture that has been cultivated within the College from within that has ensured the ‘buy-in’ from staff and our entire community that has ensured the successful implementation of this project. This has been one of the major success of the team; without all the stakeholders willingly supporting this initiative, it would not have enjoyed the success that it has within our College and to have received recognition by the Brisbane Catholic Education Excellence in Teaching Awards committee,” said Shelley Hamilton.​