Improvement Walls in the Science Classrooms

​Continuing their Excellence in Teaching and Learning journey, the Science Department has created Improvement Walls at the rear of teaching laboratories where examples of current assignments and practical reports can be found for student reference.

Each example assessment piece has specific aspects highlighted that show students how they are above or below standard and how they can be improved. These example tasks serve to give students an idea on how the assignment they are working on might look or be formatted and what level of scientific detail is required. They also serve to display the level of literacy and numeracy required. Current research in education tells us that Improvement Walls serve to make visible to students the standard of work expected and we are confident this initiative will improve student outcomes.

Students have already found these learning spaces very useful. As one student commented;

“The wall shows us what the task looks like so we find starting easier; we can create a mental image of the format of the task. It also shows us what level of scientific detail and literacy and numeracy is needed," said Stuart Gillett, Academic Leader: Science.​