Integrity 2018 with Griffith University

​​A group of Year 10 girls from San Sisto’s Salamanca Program for Gifted and Talented students recently took the opportunity to participate in a program called Integrity 2018, run by Griffith University. The aim of the day is to bring together students from around Brisbane to listen to numerous guest speakers and converse about some of today’s ‘big picture’ topics.

The day started off with a spiritual performance by the band Big Law. This was followed by a welcome by Griffith University’s Pro Vice Chancellor, Paul Mazerolle, who introduced ‘Lightning Talks’, an hour of listening to inspirational people from all over the world giving students a brief overview of who they were, what they do and why they do it. These speakers included Clare Press, an ethical fashion activist, advocating for the recycling of fabrics in the fashion industry; Zimbabwean Evan Mawarire, the founder of the hashtag #ThisFlag movement; Jodie Ginsberg, challenging views on censorship; Julian Baggini, who educated students on different philosophical beliefs around the world; Victor Perton, the founder of the Australian Leadership Project; and Jean Lee, an expert on media representations of North Korea.

After these intriguing talks, students were divided up and allocated a member of the panel to delve further into their expertise. Our San Sisto students were lucky enough to be put with Julian Baggini, who helped them to wrap their heads around some of the world’s big moral questions. The group spoke about what factors may affect the answers to these questions and what makes something a moral issue.

Following these sessions, a keynote was delivered by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google Data Scientist. Seth gave students the inside scoop on what Google can find out about us based on internet activities … even going as far as saying that whether someone likes a picture of curly fries or not is linked to that person’s IQ!

The last session of the day was a panel discussion of memes, selfies and cyberhate. The panel, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Joanne Orlando and Matt Beard, educated students on the internet’s moral compass which was incredibly thought-provoking. ​​