National Computer Science School Competition

​​For the first time, San Sisto has entered a small group of students in Years 7, 8 & 10 in the annual National Computer Science School (NCSS) Challenge (coding challenge), which is run by the Australian Computer Academy at the University of Sydney. Over five weeks, the girls were presented with a number of exciting real-world problems during which time they were required to design and create computer-coded solutions.Their solutions were assessed and awarded points, all while being given the opportunity to compete against school students from around the world.

Our participants worked with limited teacher assistance, with many of them choosing to participate in more than one level of competition at the same time. They received some very impressive results, with many being awarded a High Distinction, and a special congratulations goes to one student, who competed in two strands of the competition, and was awarded a High Distinction in one section and a Perfect Score, in the other.