RACQ Docudrama

​RACQ’s powerful road safety program helping to save young drivers’ lives was recently held on the grounds of San Sisto College.
Year 12 students witnessed a re-enactment of a car crash which involved San Sisto student, Georgia Shaw as the crash victim. The production involved the services of the Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Police Service, actors and local funeral directors. Students then attended debriefing sessions conducted by RACQ’s Education Officers.  They analysed how the tragedy could have been avoided.
The RACQ Docudrama presentation empowers some of our most vulnerable road users to take charge of their safety on Queensland roads. Road crashes account for about 40 percent of deaths in teenagers and young adults aged between 15 — 25 years in Queensland, a statistic authorities want to change.

The docudrama teaches students at a critical time of their lives about the consequences of careless or irresponsible behaviour when behind the wheel. RACQ is providing San Sisto students with the tools they need to reduce their risk of being involved in a car crash, using relevant, real-life scenarios.