Register for a College Tour 2019

​​​​The College hosts a number of events throughout the year enabling families the opportunity to explore what a San Sisto College high school education has to offer. 

Experience first-hand our holistic learning environment that drives academic achievement and a rich co-curricular program which ensures an engaging and balanced education.

College Tours 2019

College tours are conducted during a normal college day to provide you and your family with a true sense of our San Sisto community. All members of the family are welcome to attend. ​

Term 1:          Thursday 14 March from 9 am until 10.30 am

Term 3:          Tuesday 26 July from 9 am until 10.30 am

Term 3:          Tuesday 17 September from 9 am until 10.30 am

Term 4:          Thursday 24 October from 9 am until 10.30 am

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Nothing replaces a visit to our college to appreciate how much we love our school for experiencing our passion for learning.

Open Day 2019​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our next Open Day will be on Sunday 19 May 2019.

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Each Open Day we have a wide range of subject talks and displays delivered by academic staff to give you a real taste of the subjects on offer. Teachers and students are on hand at the key locations across our campus to answer your questions.​

“Our Open Days are a wonderful opportunity for families to experience first-hand our holistic learning environment that supports our academic and co-curricular programs, and ensures an engaging and balanced education," said Principal, Mrs Shelley Hamilton.

Mrs Hamilton added, “We provide our students an education and the skills to engage with and lead their communities, whilst arming them with the tools and resources to confidently shape their circumstances – they are women of integrity shaping the future."

Various activities and displays are organised for visitors of all ages at Open Day. These provide a unique snapshot of what it feels like to join the San Sisto community. Displays including those from English, Maths, Languages – Japanese and Italian, HPE – Sport and Physical Enrichment, Drama, Textiles, Art, Humanities and Science are always popular, and there will be dress-ups in the Rose Retail Shop. Our café, coffee cart and barbeque provides refreshments for those keen to take a rest and enjoy the Cecilia Square student entertainment activities. Music and voice presentations of all kinds will be on offer, from ensembles to busking. With the smell of food and the sound of music in the air, there will be plenty to see, experience, do, taste and listen to at Open Day 2019.

Buddy Day

Once you have toured our college facilities, to help you and your daughter with the final decision to choose our college, we offer pre-enrolled students the opportunity to spend a day with us through our San Sisto College Buddy Day Program.

This program offers prospective students the perfect opportunity to share in the excitement of the college day, have fun meeting new friends and teachers, and experience our programs and our beautiful college.