Equestrian Kick Off

San Sisto College is excited to have a team competing in the Equestrian Queensland Inter-School (IQ) competition for the first time. The competition provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to share their passion for horse riding with other like-minded school students. Our team will compete in Show Jumping, Eventing and Dressage events throughout the year.

The qualifying rounds began in February.  Thus far, the team has participated in Show Jumping competitions, completing clean rounds and placing in the top six riders in their jump height category.

Senior student, Bailey Kelly, started riding when she was very young. Like most equestrian enthusiasts, she is passionate about riding and spends hours preparing for competitions. She believes horse riding has many benefits:

“Horse riding is a sport that really works you hard, both mentally and physically, but is also extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Your resilience and persistence are often tested, but you learn to keep going, get back in the saddle and continue moving forward."

While this is the first year of the competition, San Sisto students are training towards high goals. Year 10 students Lucy Vaschina and Lili Green are sharing their passion for competing in Show Jumping events with their horses, Mystic and Dane. Both girls began riding when they were very young and are enjoying the opportunity to compete in the Inter-School competition.

Lucy said, “Riding has taught me to be patient and persistent while dealing with frustrating situations, as well as loving what I'm doing when it's going well."

She also acknowledged the commitment, time and expense involved in Equestrian as a sport. “I am forever grateful to my family for their constant support, and the San Sisto staff and community for welcoming this idea and team."

“We have a very young equestrian team that has managed to excel in this our first year of competition," Principal, Mrs Shelley Hamilton said. “The team has developed a strong sense of camaraderie, trust, respect and school spirit that is a credit to them."