Sister Squad

The San Sisto Sister squad, an opportunity for Year 9 girls, is now in its second year and going strong. The girls selected in the Sister squad lead the college in the school spirit dance, work with Year 7 and Year 8 students in fostering school spirit, perform on assembly, San Sisto Day and support our Interschool Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics teams. They also take a lead role in singing the college song at the end of every assembly. As a college, we talk often to students about fostering school spirit and how it is not just about cheering at carnivals, but about how students talk about their college, how they behave both in and outside school, how they wear their uniform, it's about how tidy they keep their school grounds. The Sister Squad girls are living joyfully, building community and seeking connectedness with others. A perfect combination for life.

In 2018 there are 28 girls in the squad who have made a commitment to the college, rehearsed together as a team, interacted with younger students,  shared ideas together and I could not be prouder of these young women.

Recently the girls did a tremendous job at the Interschool Swimming carnival, along with our newest San Sisters, and the Year 12 House Leaders. The atmosphere was electric and all these girls cheered in hot, humid conditions for hours. San Sisto's performance at the dance/cheer off was brilliant. Feedback from other schools about our students support of the San Sisto swim team and other teams was heart-warming. Well done girls. Be sure to view the video on the San Sisto College Facebook page to see their awesome performance.