Student Voice Project Pilot 2017

Student Protection News

The Student Protection Team at BCE has embarked on an exciting new Student Voice Project. San Sisto College and five other local BCE schools have joined forces on this three-year project focussed on the ‘student voice’.

The Student Voice Project is grounded in BCE’s commitment to schools being safe and nurturing communities of care enabling children and young people to feel inspired to learn and equipped with the knowledge and skills for life in contemporary society.

Engaging student voice is critical to understanding the enablers of engagement that lead to successful access, participating and outcomes for our students and identifying and mitigating the detractors from this goal.

Through the Student Voice Project, BCE is seeking to implement strategies to grow student engagement, achievement and wellbeing, by connecting directly with students to: learn how to authentically engage students to guild safe, supportive and inclusive school communities understand students’ perceptions of a safe supportive and inclusive school community identify and prioritise issues that impact (positively and negatively) on students’ sense of safety and belonging within school communities, and facilitate student led initiatives to promote safety and building supportive and inclusive school  communities.

Already San Sisto students have participated in the Call to Action Event, and the Conversation Cafe events, which will soon be followed by direct student surveys.  ​

The Student Voice Team look forward to capturing the voice of our students and planning the next stages of the project based on the results of the students input and feedback.​​​