Student Successes

The San Sisto College community is very proud of all its students, both past and present.

We believe every girl is amazing in her own way, and as such, we value each individual and work to foster a healthy respect for and understanding of self and others. We are extremely proud of the diverse interests, talents and accomplishments of our students. Here we share just a handful of the many amazing success stories of our past students - our San Sisters.

​Studitalia Prize Winner 2017​Congratulations to our 2017 Co-School Captain, Luisa Randall, for becoming San Sisto’s fourth recipient of the prestigious Studitalia Prize.

​​2017 ​Adele van der Winden​

​Adele van der Winden was awarded the QUT Vice-chancello​r's Scholarship for Academic Excellence, $30,000 and the Women in Engineerin​g Scholarship, $6,000.

2016 Rach​el Coc​kburn​​ ​2015 College Captain and dux, Rachel Cockburn, achieved the highest possible result of an OP 1​.​​
​​2016 Esther Mauga, Aira Fabello and Amy Quach​ ​Esther Mauga, Aira Fabello and 2015 Vice-Captain Amy Quach, were awarded an OP 2.
​​​2015 Adelle Lack​​ ​Adele Lack was offered a Supporting Women Scholarship (Qld Government) as a Women in Engineering Scholarship (QUT).​

2015 Annie Marriott

Annie Marriott was awarded a $20,000 scholarship.

2015 Shania Morris​

Shania Morris was awarded a $20,000 scholarship from Brisbane Catholic Education in 2015 and is part of the Brisbane Catholic Education’s Indigenous Mentoring Program​.

2013 ​Tarni Davis​



Tarni Davis applied to be a part of the Brisbane Catholic Education’s Indigenous Mentoring Program. Her success in this program guaranteed her on-going mentoring by Elise Godwin during her final year at school and during her first year at university. It also funded her employment as a Teacher Aide at San Sisto while she is studying at university in 2014. Furthermore, Tarni secured an ATSI Scholarship from Brisbane Catholic Education for 2014. This means that Tarni has a fully funded scholarship for an Education Degree at a university of her choice – Australian Catholic University. The value of this scholarship is $16,000. Tarni’s tertiary study is now funded and she has a part-time job where she is supported in reaching her goal of becoming a teacher. 

Tarni is pictured with mentors Elise Godwin a​​nd Stephen Davis.​