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Student Testimonials


"I love the supportive people, the English department and the many wonderful opportunities here. The generous nature of the school was present from my first day when the student leaders gave us their time to help us out with the transition from primary to high school."
Year 8 Student

"I love the caring nature of the teachers and staff - they genuinely care about the students." Year 10 Student

"I love the nurturing, spiritual community. I love that our whole cohort is repectful towards one another and towards the grounds and staff too. As we are about to start senior school, we are grateful for the range of subject choices that cater for and help develop our individual passions and allow us to create ourselves."
Year 10 Student

"I love the supportive community, the welcoming students and the wide range of activities, which is great for getting involved."
Year 11 Student

"I love the musicals. I love being involved. I also love Home Economics which is one of my favourite subjects - cooking, sewing, everything to do with the subject."
Year 11 Student

"I love the friendships and the teachers most. I love the closeness of the school."
Year 11 Student

"I love that particularly in senior years you're able to develop a personal relationship with your teachers, both in and out of the classroom. Being an Art student, I am forever grateful for the resources and facilities which the college provides, including the constant encouragement from the teachers."
Year 12 Student

"I love the fun atmosphere, even in class and around the grounds, and the good times spent with my friends. Our teachers are great and very encouraging in regards to the academia side of things."
Year 12 Student

"I love the strong sense of justice. I have learnt that you can do anything in the world, when you set your mind to it."
Year 12 Student​​​