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Annual Reports

The College Annual Reports are published for the previous year. These reports cover the mandatory areas of reporting for compliance. 

Annual Report 2006.pdfAnnual Report 2006.pdf Annual Report 2007.pdfAnnual Report 2007.pdf
Annual Report 2008.pdfAnnual Report 2008.pdf Annual Report 2009.pdfAnnual Report 2009.pdf
Annual Report 2010.pdfAnnual Report 2010.pdf Annual Report 2011 .pdfAnnual Report 2011 .pdf
Annual Report 2012.pdfAnnual Report 2012.pdf Annual Report 2013.pdfAnnual Report 2013.pdf
Annual Report 2014 Final.pdfAnnual Report 2014.pdf Annual Report 2015.pdfAnnual Report 2015.pdf

​School Annual Reporting will now be published on the Brisbane Catholic Education website rather than the College website.  To view the Annual Report ​from 2016, please click on the link below:



Next Step Surveys

The Next Step Survey on the destinations of Year 12 graduates is published each year by the Queensland Government. A summary of this report is provided below.

Next Step Summary 2005.pdfNext Step Summary 2005.pdf Next Step Summary 2006.pdfNext Step Summary 2006.pdf
Next Step Summary 2007.pdfNext Step Summary 2007.pdf Next Step Summary 2008.pdfNext Step Summary 2008.pdf
Next Step Summary 2010.pdfNext Step Summary 2010.pdf
Next Step Summary 2011.pdfNext Step Summary 2011.pdf Next Step Summary 2012.pdfNext Step Summary 2012.pdf
Next Step Summary 2013.pdfNext Step Summary 2013.pdf Next Step Summary 2014.pdfNext Step Summary 2014.pdf
Next Step Summary 2015.pdfNext Step Summary 2015.pdf