Year 12s

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Alternative Pathways to Study

Alternative pathway to university
Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT) provides an alternative pathway to university for students who may not qualify via traditional means. With no minimum OP and a 90% success rate, QIBT students can obtain a diploma and a Griffith University Bachelor degree in under 3 years. Find out more – attend a QIBT Information Evening.  For further information visit or telephone 3735 3470.
Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT)
Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT) has helped hundreds of students land jobs and build careers in everything from TV commercials and music video clips to block-buster features such as Harry Potter, Superman Returns and Australia.
The school only employs lecturers who currently work in the industry so students know that what they’re being taught is the current industry standard.
Visit for more information on this exciting opportunity!​
Scholarship Information

UQ Scholarships: Visit for more information.

UQ Sport and the University of Queensland - Sporting Scholarships for Outstanding Sportsmen & Women: The Sporting Scholarship Program at the University of Queensland (UQ) administers a number of scholarships designed to relieve the pressure placed on elite athletes to study and train. Each scholarship allows the athlete to study at UQ whilst receiving financial assistance and sport support services. Click here for more information.
QUT Scholarships: QUT offers a broad range of scholarships and prizes to commencing students who are high achievers, from low-income backgrounds or regional areas, who have excelled in sporting activities or are studying in specific discipline areas. For more information visit

Griffith Scholarships: Griffith offers a range of scholarships across a number of areas. For more information make sure you visit
University of New South Wales (Sydney): Industry Linked Scholarships in Business, Science, Engineering and Built Environment. Visit