​​​​​​​​Wellbeing: Enhanced Life and Learning


Name: The WELL is the place referred to in the bible where Jesus meets the Samaritan woman. It's a place where one goes to seek nourishment, replenishment and wellbeing.

Who is at the WELL:

Mr Richard Yaxley is the Program Leader: Learning Enhancement and provides leadership in learning enhancement through pastoral and academic processes. He provides a link between Pastoral and Academic teams, including the WELL, Careers and Learning Support.

Ms Melissa Reardon and Mrs Kristeen Bostock​ both supervise the provision of service by the staff as the College Guidance Counsellors. Together they provide all psychological and career counselling.

Our Wellbeing Officer works with students in the areas of social and emotional wellbeing and with family support by linking students and families with external agencies and assists in the area of parenting and relationships.

Mrs Elise Godwin provides careers counselling to all students at San Sisto College.  Mrs Godwin works closely with the Academic and Pastoral teams in order to best advice students about the best possible career avenues for students.

Mrs Kim Blake is the Program Leader: Vocational Education and provides students with alternative educational pathways.

Mrs Jodi-May Hart is the Organisational Advisor and Pastoral Worker. Mrs Hart provides group and individual advice on time management, study organisation and skills.

Miss Denise Van Kerkwyk is the Campus Minister who is located near the WELL and supports service activities and student spiritual needs as a part of her role within the college.

Miss Nadine Foley is the Indigenous Liason worker who meets with indigenous students once a week to provide them with support for their academic and pastoral needs. 

Miss Amy Penberthy is the Physical Enrichment Coordinator and provides support and advice in the area of nutrition and exercise.

How to access the WELL?

  • Students may make appointments directly at the WELL. (Feedback then goes via the service provider to Centre Coordinator to School Coordinator.)

  • School Coordinator or Assistant Principal (Mrs Anna Doré) may make referrals with the WELL staff. (Feedback then goes via the service provider to the School Coordinator.)

  • Teachers may discuss themes and trends with WELL staff, and seek course development to meet needs. Please refer to the 'WELL Referral Procedure' document.​

Where is the WELL?

In the Dominic building. 

How to access staff at the WELL?

Until further notice, please ring the college office on 3900 9800. A direct number will soon be provided.

Why the WELL?

Our College Pedagogical Framework positions wellbeing as central to quality learning.

We believe that learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked and will do all we can be ensure that our girls experience wellbeing. ​