Faith and Justice


​Faith and Justice are at the heart of a Catholic School in the Dominican Tradition.  

The Dominican Order (also known as the Order of Preachers) is a Roman Catholic religious order whose commitment to education, truth (Veritas) and its focus on preaching - spreading the gospel through words and actions inspire change.  The Order inspired a life of prayer & study which led to a Ministry of Preaching in poverty.  This was the early beginnings of the four pillars, prayer, study, community and service.  

Mass is one of the ways the Dominicans (order of preachers) preach the truth about God and humanity.  They believe Truth will help us live and love more fully.  

Throughout the year San Sisto College celebrates with our Dominican Priests from Our Lady of Graces several key whole school masses and also smaller and more intimate class masses in our college chapel.

By being part of the Dominican Catholic Tradition, it is hoped that San Sisto may be enriched by our particular pathway while contributing to the mission of the Universal Catholic Church.   

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