Pastoral Care

​​At ​San Sisto College, we have a strong sense of "community" or "family" which permeates our ethos at the College. This is, undoubtedly, because of the legacy from the Dominican Sisters, a continued effort to develop close relationships between and amongst students across the six year levels, a warm and professional relationship between students and staff, the involvement of and parents in the college, and because of our ideal size to be able to tend to the needs of each young woman.

We believe that the following are integral to quality pastoral care in a college that specialises in girls' education:
​An environment that develops the faith, spirituality and prayerfulness of its members
​Clear policies and procedures
​Right Relationships training and Feeling Safe strategies
​Personal Development Education
​Service and Justice opportunities
​Extra and co-curricular programs that cater for a wide range of students
​High quality learning experiences
​Well developed student leadership program
​College organisational structures facilitating healthy relationships and training that are age and needs based
​A shared belief in the values of a Catholic college, and in the values of San Sisto in particular
​Appropriately and highly qualified professional staff and appropriate facilities