​The classroom curriculum at San Sisto aims to be responsive to girls' needs to best meet the challenges of the complex society of our times and beyond.

Opportuntities are provided for students to reach thier full learning potential with differentiation occuring in all classrooms. All learning and teaching take place in the context of a growth mindset, the development of positive attitudes and perceptions.

​All Year 10 students complete Career Educati​on.

We offer an extensive range of senior subjects, including several Vocational Education and Training qualifications at the Certificate  I, II, III, IV and Diploma level.​

Co-curricular activities designed to extend classroom experiences include overseas excursions to Italy and Japan, an extensive range of Music ensembles, a Drama Society, Debating, STEM activities, and interschool sport. 

To view our Curriculum Overview, please click on the below link:

​​​Curriculum Overview.pdf