Habits of Mind and Spirit

Habits of Mind and ​Spirit at San Sisto College​

The Habits of Mind and Spirit form part of the academic and spiritual education of students at San Sisto College. Through the development and use of these habits in daily life, students are able to build a foundation for success at school and in life. The 16 Habits of Spirit are based on the work of Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick from the Habits of Mind Institute. The creation of the College's 16 Habits of Spirit has emerged from the Habits of Mind and the Dominican Catholic Tradition that permeates life at San Sisto College. 


Habits of Mind 

Habits o​f Spirit​

 1. Persisting

 1. Seeking connectedness with God

 2. Managing impulsivity 

 2. Respecting all God's creation

 3. Listening with understanding and empathy

 3. Seeking and appreciating beauty

 4. Thinking flexibly

 4. Seeking and appreciating excellence

 5. Thinking about thinking (metacognition)

 5. Respecting self

 6. Striving for accuracy

 6. Seeking connectedness with others through inclusive, welcoming, right relationships

 7. Questioning and posing problems 

 7. Building community

 8. Applying past knowledge to new situations

 8. Offering self in service of others

 9. Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision

 9. Acting justly and seeking justice for all

 10. Gathering data through all the senses

 10. Acting compassionately

 11. Creating, imagining, innovating

 11. Seeking and speaking the Truth

 12. Responding with wonderment and awe

 12. Passionately loving learning

 13. Taking responsible risks

 13. Living joyfully

 14. Finding humour

 14. Living hopefully

 15. Thinking interdependently

 15. Passionately engaging in life

 16. Remaining open to continuous learning

 16. Expressing Gratitude