Learning and Teaching



​Policy Statement

Through our authoritative, whole-of-College pedagogical framework, based on the Brisbane Catholic Education's Model of Pedagogy, we strive to provide effective teaching and learning experiences that are data informed, challenging and inclusive of all learners and their individual learning goals.

Our high expectations and continued pursuit of contemporary best practice encourage excellence in the extension and refinement of knowledge and its meaningful use.

All learning and teaching take place in the context of a growth mindset, the development of positive attitudes and perceptions, and Habits of Mind and Spirit.

As a BCE College, San Sisto's Learning and Teaching policy is based upon Brisbane Catholic Education's Learning and Teaching Framework: 

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The College's school-wide pedagogical framework develops from Brisbane Catholic Education's Model of Pedagogy:

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The College's Pedagogical Framework is presented below. All teachers are required to adopt this school-wide pedagogy. A particular emphasis is placed on Habits of Mind and Spirit.​​  San Sisto College is committed to its school-wide pedagogy.  All staff are required to adopt the language of the Model of Pedagogy, which brings the language of learning into alignment with the rest of BCE, especially easing the transition for students from BCE primary schools into Year 7.

San Sisto Pedagogy Framework 27 08 2021.pdf