Applying to San Sisto College


​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for deciding on a San Sisto College secondary education for your daughter. 

​Enrolment Processes and Key Dates

Year 7, 2027 – Online enrolments accepte​d
For students currently in Year 2​. Interviews conducted from February/March 2024 with offers to be made by early/mid March.
Year 7, 2026 – Online enrolments are due now and before November 2022
For students currently in Year 3​. Interviews conducted from February/March 2023 with offers to be made by early/mid March.
​​Year 7, 2025 – Currently a waiting list​ however we are still
accepting applications

For students currently in Year 4​ 
Year 7, 2024 – Currently a waiting list however we are still
accepting applications

​For students currently in Year 5

Year 7, 2023 – Currently a waiting list however we are still
accepting applications

For students currently in Year 6

All other year levels 

Applications are assessed on an individual basis


Follow this step by step guide to secure your daughter's place at San Sisto College. 

1. Enrol online

To make an enrolment application, click here.​

2. Collect your documents

After you submit your online enrolment application, you will receive a confirmation email requesting you to prepare your documents and send them through as soon as possible. Your daughter's enrolment will be processed quickly to avoid any wait lists. 

We require the following documents to enrol your daughter:

1. Evidence of identity

  • Birth Certificate, current passport;

2. Click here to complete our Further Documentation Information

3. Baptismal certificate (if applicable);

4. Copy of your daughter’s most recent report from her current school​

5. Copy of your daughter’s latest NAPLAN results

6.  A link to pay your application fee of $120 will be emailed once your application has been processed.

Please forward these documents to​ with your daughter's name, her year level (i.e. Year 7) and her year of enrolment.

 ​3. After the application is completed

The College conducts student interviews at the beginning of your daughter's Year 4 year.  Some interviews may be conducted at the end of her Year 3 year, at the discretion of the Principal.

Following the interview, parents are advised if their application has been successful and a place may be offered.

Confirmation of Enrolment papers and a confirmation fee of $40​0.00 is payable within a given timeframe of the interview.  Any delays with returning this paperwork may result in a cancellation of your daughter's enrolment.

​4. Familarise yourself with our enrolment information

Now you have enrolled your daughter, it is time to familarise yourself with the College's policies and procedures. 

Bell Times​​​

Subjects Offered

​​​Enrolment Policy

School Fee Policy and Fee Schedule

Need help?

All enrolment enquiries may be addressed to our Enrolment Officer,​ via or phone the College on 3900 9800.​​

Pictured above: Stage 1 of San Sisto College's 10-y​ear Master Plan to be completed in 2022.