International Women's Day Breakfast

​Earlier this year, the San Sisto College Science Ambassadors for 2020, Billie Peeters and Katie Brooks, attended the WIMARQ International Women’s Day Breakfast. Almost 900 people attended to celebrate the great achievements of women in the resource sector and to hear inspirational speakers. It was so empowering to see so many young women achieving great things in the job they love. This day was centred around encouraging others to strive for their goals despite any restrictions they may experience. Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll also gave a heartfelt speech, with the message ‘Believe in yourself and take that opportunity.’

After the delicious breakfast and award presentation, the students proceeded to a Q & A with previous award winners. This was a great opportunity to ask questions and interact with the panel members. The theme for the discussion was, ‘Breaking the sticky floor and glass ceiling.’ This conversation educated the audience on achieving higher positions in the workforce and creating equal and respectful environments between staff. The students found this day extremely powerful and encourage anyone interested in this field to continue to strive towards their goals and lean on those around them for support.