BCE students university and work ready thanks to UQ partnership


San Sisto College students are more than ready for life after school, whether it be university or the workforce, thanks to a Critical Thinking Project partnership with the University of Queensland (UQ). 
The official partnership was established in 2023, after a three-year pilot program which saw UQ Senior Lecturer Dr Peter Ellerton and his team of researchers, embed critical and creative thinking into classroom practices.  
San Sisto College Principal Warren Bath said the program is yielding positive results for his students. 
“Since starting the program it is evident that our students are progressing in their learning and engaging more in the classroom,” he said. 
“As part of the program our students are specifically taught skills of critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, and personal and social capability. 
“Meaning by the time our students are ready to start university they are more than ready for the challenge. 

“This program not only teaches our students to think differently, but over the past three years UQ have been working with our educators to teach them how to create lessons which champion critical and creative thinking. 

“The UQ program helps students to reflect deeply, analyse arguments rigorously, and articulate their thoughts with clarity and respect.

"Providing our students with the skills required by modern employers and for effective participation at university. 

“I am proud to say that thanks to this program, not only are our students better prepared for life after school, but our students will also never think the same again.” 

Watch the Philosophy Program videos below to discover its benefits to students at school and beyond the College gates.