Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​​Why should I send my daughter to San Sisto College?

  • Our Dominican Catholic education is founded on the inclusion of all students, where excellence is not compromised and where young women flourish through their high school education.  We strive to provide dynamic learning environments and teaching experiences that are challenging, innovative, exciting and inclusive of all learners and their individual learning st​yles.  We offer a wide range of subject choices in both Authority (OP) and Vocational Educational courses. Both Italian and Japanese languages are offered and are popular with our students. We also have strong arts, drama, and sporting departments that continue to profile students' talents at competitive levels. 

Who can enrol at San Sisto College?

Children from all families who are prepared to support Catholic values, ideals and principles may be considered eligible for enrolment at San Sisto College. Priority for enrolment is given to:

  • Catholic students from Catholic Primary Schools
  • Catholic students from non-Catholic Primary Schools
  • Siblings
  • Non-Catholic students from Catholic Primary Schools
  • Non-Catholic students from non-Catholic Primary Schools

Do you have to be Catholic to attend San Sisto College?    

  • No, a percentage of our student body is non-Catholic.  All students are required to study Religious Education and participate fully in the Religious Life of the College.

If my daughter is attending a state school can she move to San Sisto College?

  • Yes, subject to the enrolment criteria and availability of places at the College.

How do I enrol my daughter?

What is the interview process?

  • Interviews are conducted at the beginning of your daughter's Year 4 year.  Some interviews may be conducted at the end of her Year 3 year, at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Following the interview, parents are advised if their application has been successful and a place may be offered.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment papers and a confirmation fee of $400.00 is payable within a given timeframe of the interview.  Failure to return this paperwork may result in a cancellation of the enrolment.
  • An information evening is conducted in Term 3 of the year prior to enrolment.  Following this information evening, students attend a 'Buddy Day' at the College.  Buddy Day is a full day on campus where your daughter will shadow a current Year 7 student for the day. This program offers prospective students the perfect opportunity to share in the excitement of the college day, have fun meeting new friends and teachers, and experience our programs and our beautiful college.​​

How much are the school fees?

  • College Fees
  • Please note: these fee estimates are based on the fee structure and include college levies, camps, text book hire, our laptop program, and capital and P&F levies. 

What facilities and resources does San Sisto College provide?

  • ​​Our College utilises the latest technology to engage students in their learning. This includes access to computers (1:1 laptop program, dedicated labs), multimedia equipment, data projectors, interactive white boards, and other tools for learning.  Each student receives a laptop at the commencement of Year 7 and again in Year 10.  San Sisto College has a well-equipped library/resource centre which is open for students during study periods, lunch, and before and after school.  Our classrooms use state-of-the-art technology and learning programs are second to none. All learning areas are air-conditioned and recently built or extensively refurbished. Our girls have access to new industry-standard catering kitchens, four science labs, sound-proofed music studios, art studios with clay oven, brand new gym facility, and indoor and outdoor multi-purpose courts which cater for a wide range of sports including netball, volleyball, and tennis.

Is San Sisto College accessible by public transport?

  • Yes, San Sisto College is easily accessed by public transport.
  • For up-to-date timetable and service information on the following routes, visit: and
  • ​Student travel rebate applications are only open in May for Semester 1 and October for Semester 2. Please visit the School Transport website first to check if you are eligible. Visit for more information.  
  • A bus runs daily to San Sisto College from Cannon Hill Railway Station in the morning and returns students to the station in the afternoon.

What if my daughter has to be away from school?

  • If your daughter is absent from school, log the absence through the BCE Connect App or Parent Portal before 9.00 am.  If no previous written advice has been received, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone advising you of the need to contact the College to clarify your daughter's absence.
  • For extended periods, please provide a note. Late arrivals and early departures must be accompanied by a note.
  • As our system relies on searching the student's family contacts for the first mobile phone number, it is important to have student details correct. Family details for current students can be updated on the Parent Portal via the Community Access tab on our website.

What are the San Sisto College hours?

  • School hours: 8.35 am until 3.00 pm
  • For more information on Term dates, click here​.
  • Office hours: 8.00 am until 4.00 pm

When can I come to see the College for a tour?               

  • The College hosts a number of events throughout the year enabling families the opportunity to explore what San Sisto College has to offer.
  • Experience first-hand our holistic learning environment that drives academic achievement and a rich co-curricular program which ensures an engaging and balanced education. Nothing replaces a visit to our College to appreciate how much we love our school and experience our passion for learning.
  • Please click here​ for further details on dates and how to register for an event. 

Are there scholarships available?           

  • Scholarships are not offered at San Sisto College.  QATSIF funding is available to Indigenous students in Years 11 and 12 only.​

What if I can't afford to pay the school fees?

  • The College is committed to providing a Catholic education to all Catholic children.  In cases of financial hardship, the College will consider offering a concession on the tuition and capital levies.
  • Families experiencing financial difficulties are invited to confidentially approach the Business Manager who will respond to their situation with care and sensitivity.

What does educating 'Women of Integrity Shaping the Future' mean for my daughter?           

  • To become women of integrity means to develop the WHOLE person: intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social.
  • San Sisto College is passionately committed to educating, celebrating, inspiring and empowering young women with integrity to shape the future.
  • San Sisto College is educating young women who will seek and create change. We provide them the skills to engage with and lead their communities, whilst arming them with the tools and resources to confidently shape their circumstances.

What provisions are made for students with particular learning needs?

  • San Sisto College provides educational opportunities and support for all students. Once the College has evaluated whether the prospective student meets the general enrolment criteria, the particular needs of the student and the College's capacity to meet them will also be evaluated.
  • The first point of contact for enrolment of students with particular learning needs is the Enrolment Officer. Where an enrolling student has particular learning needs, the application will be referred to the Principal, who will assess whether the school can provide the facilities, resources and suitably trained personnel to support the educational needs of the applicant. Parents or caregivers will be involved in discussions with the Principal and ST:IE (Class Teacher/Support Teacher: Inclusive Education) about the student's learning needs, as part of the process of considering the application for enrolment.
  • San Sisto College offers various support services to students with particular learning needs.  A variety of programs are also offered to cater for students of different abilities.