College Renewal

​​​​​​​​​ The Brisbane Catholic Education Str​ategic Plan 2021-2025 provides a s​ingle and cohesive framework to plan new initiatives that shape thinking and growth across all schools in the system. Five priority areas are identified in the plan.

  • ​Catholic Identity
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Wellbeing
  • Our People
  • Diveristy and Inclusion​ ​

The San Sisto College Strategic Renewal Plan 2020 - 2024 was prepared in consultation with the wider San Sisto College community and staff. The development of the plan involved a process of reflecting on past performance, establishing a future vision, and deciding what success means for San Sisto College. Development of the plan was informed by recommendations from the External School Review (ESR) and is aligned to the Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Plan. The purpose of the plan is to drive and direct the strategic improvement agenda of the school. It does not capture business as usual activities.

The 2024 San Sisto College Annual Plan​ ​details how the College will activate key strategic initiatives and projects to progress the San Sisto College Strategic Plan 2020-2024 priorities.

The San Sisto College Annual Plan 2023, specifically:

  • translates the San Sisto College Strategic Plan 2020-2024 into key deliverables to be progressed during 2023, in line with strategic plan priorities and key performance indicators
  • focuses on strategies and initiatives requiring the College Leadership Team oversight, and therefore does not capture all the work occurring at the College.

This San Sisto College Annual Plan 2024 was finalised in February 2024 and;

·       aligns with the  Brisbane Catholic Education​ Str​ategic Plan 2​​021-2025​​

·       aligns with the Strategic Renewal Pla​n 2020 - 2024

  • implements BCE enterprise initiatives and strategies
  • responds to school Health ​Check findings and local priorities
  • meets obligations, such as NSSAB and Archdiocesan accreditation requirements.

Guiding Documents:

  1. Brisbane Catholic Education​ Str​ategic Plan 2​​021-2025
  2. Strategic Renewal Plan 2020 - 2024.pdf
  3. 2024 San Sisto College Annual Plan.pdf