College Renewal

​​The College Strategic Renewal Plan 2020 - 2024 was prepared in consultation with the College Board, Parents & Friends Association and staff.

In preparation for the coming year, a College Annual Operational Plan is prepared. At the end of each year a review of the annual planning is conducted. All three documents are available for community review through this website.

The Annual Report, a mandatory reporting requirement, also provides a summary of annual achievements and is located on this website.

The Principal and other members of the College Leadership Team each prepare a statement of Annual Goals that support the achievement of the College Annual Operation Plans.

Each year, the college conducts reviews of various components of college operations. Parents are invited to participate in surveys and meetings as part of these reviews.

Evangelisation and Faith Education

Learning and Teaching

Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

​​Professional Learning Community

Budgeting and Finance

​Monitoring and Self Review Processes

 College Planning 

Five Year Strategic Plan College Annual Operational Plan
Strategic Renewal Plan 2012-2016
College Annual Operational Plan 2015
Strategic Renewal Plan 2018-2019
College Annual Operational Plan 2016
Strategic Renewal Plan 2020 - 2024
Annual Operational Plan 2017
Annual Operational Plan 2018
Annual Operational Plan 2019

Annual school goal planning 2020

Annual school goal planning 2021