San Sisto College enjoys tremendous support from its community as exemplified by parent participation and involvement in numerous college activities, the continuing excellent support of business and industry partners, by the parents, friends and past pupils involved in coaching and volunteering for numerous projects within the College. Our students are invited to perform at and participate in a range of community events, earning high regard for their sense of community, their high standards of personal presentation and behaviour, and the joy they share with others. Two key groups within the College are the College Board and our Parents and Friends Association.

San Sisto College Board

The San Sisto College Board is of the pastoral model as distinct from a board of management. Its aim is to ensure that the college fulfils its Christian educational responsibility within general pastoral goals as directed by the goals and policies of the Brisbane Catholic Education Authority. Policy decisions should more commonly be the outcome, not of debate, but rather the discernment of God's will through prayer, reflection and dialogue. Parental involvement in the College Board is always welcome and enquiries can be made to the Principal. Any person who serves on the College Board must obtain a Blue Card. The College Board meets 7 pm - 8.30 pm. Its Finance Sub-committee meets at 6.15 pm preceding a Board meeting. 

Parents and Friends Association

All parents of the College are automatically members of this Association. It is affiliated with the Brisbane Archdiocesan Association as well as with the Federation of Parents and Friends Association of Queensland. The San Sisto College Association exists to give moral and financial support to the college, and its members assist with the organisation of social events and working bees. Meetings commence at 7.00 pm. ​​​