What Makes Us Special?

​We are ahead of the curve in our teaching practices.  We teach Critical Thinking, based on long-term research and collaboration with the University of Queensland.

We teach our students to think! This may sound like an obvious teaching practice but, in fact, we have researched and practised teaching for thinking for several years with the University of Queensland and know that girls tend to be more proficient in learning facts off-by-heart, but under-practised in critical thinking – the “why?" at the heart of information.  Our students are taught to dig deeper, to look at sources critically, to ask the “why" and to imagine the “what if", to argue points of view, to find greater meaning, to collaborate with others, and to use information with deep thought and investigation.  That is why we have been recognised by Brisbane Catholic Education and the University of Queensland as ahead of the curve in our teaching practises.  Our students complete their education with us better equipped for tertiary study or the workplace, more prepared to navigate the global superhighway of information, ready for active citizenship and leadership.

Our college, with 850 stud​ents, recognises and meets the individual needs of our students, academically – whether they choose to pursue tertiary education or vocational education and training – while providing the essential emotional, spiritual, and social supports young women need to thrive at school.

San Sisto students shine bright in an environment when they are valued, nurtured, and celebrated as individuals!