Mission and Vision


​College Mission

The San Sisto College Mission is to be a Catholic community in the Dominican tradition where the heart, mind and spirit of each young woman is nurtured, challenged and shaped by the lived experience of the Gospel.

Our Statement of Vision and Values:

We value:

Truth (Veritas)

Truth—Veritas—is the principal motto of the Dominicans, and we are the heirs of the intellectual and spiritual search for truth. Our community believes that study offers us the most compelling means through which to engage in the search for truth.​​


Our community is a place where friendships are forged within a spirit and foundation filled with joy.​​

Faith and Prayer​

Our community values the theological virtue of faith, that we may live our lives in love of the Lord and in prayer.​​

Justice and Compassion​

As a Dominican Catholic college, our core mission values compels us to study the needs of our times and promote changes that ensure justice for all people and the well-being of all creation.

The story of Dominic is one of compassion – as a young college student he sold his books to feed those who were starving. Community life is formed by living together, but more importantly, in a variety of circumstances, community is a place of friendship and laughter, where we foster inter-dependence, and a sense of the common good. Community is where we find strength when we feel weakened; inspiration when we are low; and joy when we have reason to celebrate. We believe the suffering of others cries out for our compassionate response.​​

Community and Service ​

Our community is made up of various groups and individuals including our students, staff, families and parish –  local and global, who are all are welcomed in the Kingdom of God.  

Service is one of the pillars of the early Catholic church.  This refers to the idea that just as Jesus served, so must we.  Service is one of the truest acts of love in the Christian tradition.​​

A Love of Learning

Our community values a love of learning, both formal and informal, giving substance to our efforts to build peace and create a more peaceful world. Through study, we draw wisdom from Sacred Scripture, the tradition of the Church and our Dominican Family, the mysteries of creation, the arts and sciences, and through our own experiences. As a community, we engage in critical reflection, communal study and dialogue on issues affecting our community, Church and world.​​

Living our vision of people of integrity who are empowered to:

  • Seek and appreciate excellence and beauty
  • Seek and proclaim Truth
  • Seek connectedness with God and others
  • Respect self, others and all God's creation
  • Engage passionately with life and learning
  • Live in hope.

St Dominic and the orange tree story provides a metaphor of our Dominican values and charism. May we value and celebrate:

  • Each phase of our growth
  • Each opportunity that enriches development
  • Each encounter with another
  • Each experience of God's presence in our lives.

We believe that integrity lies at the intersection of our values, time and action.​

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