Past Student Network

​At the heart of San Sisto College lies its people — students, staff, past students and the ​community.​

At San Sisto College, we value the connectedness between our students - past, present and future.  San Sisto's Past Student Network ​aims to provide ongoing enrichment, friendship and support to members, and current and future stu​dents through gatherings, events and reunions.  This supports the s​chool through networking and mentoring opportunities for our students from the broader San Sisto community.​

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Alumni Reunions

All past students are invited to join us for our annual reunion. We hold regular past student and staff events to assist our past students to stay in touch with the San Sisto community and school, and to foster valuable and life long friendships.  Our most recent event was held at the College during November to commemorate San Sisto college's 60th Anniversary.  It was a wonderful gathering with nearly 200 attendees from past students and staff to current San Sisto students and staff. 

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