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97 Mayfield Road
Carina Qld 4152
Phone: (07) 3900 9800
San Sisto College welcomes and encourages communication with our parents. Please ring the College number as above or email. ​ ​
General Enquiries​
Enrolment Enquiries​​
Principal's Personal Assistant & College Registrar Kathy Mitmannsgruber​
​Principal​​ Warren Bath​
Deputy Principal
James Taylor​
Assistant Principal - Community Engagement and Mission
Eleni Greenaway ​
​​Assistant Principal - Learning and Pedagogy
​Tina Gibson​ ​
​Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing ​​Theresa Baker​
​Business Manager TBA
Literacy Coach
Learning and Teaching Leader: Pathways ​​​Kim Blake

​Learning and Teaching Leader: Learning Enhancement

Melanie McCabe​
Learning and Teaching Leader: Senior Years: Data and Systems
​Phillip Parkinson
Learning and Teaching Leader: Middle Years: Data and Systems
​​Deborah Cottle​
Student Wellbeing Leader: Year 7

Jennifer Yiannakis
Student Wellbeing Leader: Year 8
Brittany Ryan​
Student Wellbeing Leader: Year 9

​David Richardson
Student Wellbeing Leader: Year 10

​Michael Reedman
Student Engagement & Wellbeing Leader: Year 11 and 12

​Tania Stevens
​Guidance Counsellor - Rose & Jude Houses

​Dr​ Shae Rogers
Guidance Counsellor - Catherine & Dominic Houses
Megan Duvenage
Campus Minister

​Denise Van Kerkwyk
Wellbeing Officer
​Nubia Jaimes
​Learning and Teaching Leader: ​English and Languages

Louisa Makepeace
Learning and Teaching Leader: ​Humanities

Lisa Smiley
Learning and Teaching Leader: Science

​Stuart Gillett
Learning and Teaching Leader: Mathematics

​​Jason Smith
Learning and Teaching Leader: Design Technologies

​Michelle Harris
Learning and Teaching Leader: Creative Arts
​Leonie Lam
Learning and Teaching Leader: Sport and HPE
​Ryan Gould
​College Librarian
​Danielle Lapin​