​​​It is very important for girls to be busy and actively engaged in a range of cultural, academic, sporting, media, justice and service programs. Our co-curricular program provides a wide variety of opportunities for our students.

San Sisto College has an Music Program with outstanding instrumental teachers and band conductors​ to assist in the musicianship development of each student. For further information, please click the link to the Co-curricular Music Program Handbook 2020​ for parents and students.

Ensembles in 2021


CONCERT BAND - SSC Concert Jazz (Rehearsals Friday from 3.15 - 4.30 pm)

​This band is for players of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments with limited opportunities for keyboard, guitar and bass guitar players, across Years 7–12. This ensemble plays standard concert band repertoire as well as Jazz scores. The SSC Concert Jazz Band is conducted and directed by Mr Adrian Moran​

SAN SISTO COLLEGE CHOIR – Veritas Voices (Rehearsals Monday from 3.15 - 4.30 pm)

The choir is made up of girls from Year 7 –12.  This ensemble is not auditioned, with the emphasis being on the enjoyment and sense of achievement created by regular rehearsals and performances.  All students are encouraged to join the choir to develop their musical skills and build new friendships. All instrumental students are especially encouraged to be members of the choir as it contributes positively to the development of aural skills and notation reading.  Veritas Voices is conducted and directed by Dr Daniel Jess. 

STRING ENSEMBLE – Siena Strings (Rehearsals Wednesday from 7.20 - 8.20 am)

The String Ensemble consists of students from Year 7 – 12 who are able to play a string instrument – violin, viola, cello or double bass. The ensemble works on varying repertoire and performs regularly in the College. Siena Strings is conducted and directed by Miss Annie Silva.


FLUTE ENSEMBLE – Finnegan's Flutes  (Rehearsals Friday from 7.20 - 8.20 am)

This smaller ensemble offers our flautists the opportunity to hone their skills and to focus on their tunefulness and harmonic balance. Flautists may choose between this ensemble or our concert band with many of our students electing to be in both.  Finnegan's Flutes is conducted and directed by Ms Stephanie Moran.

CLARINET ENSEMBLE  (Rehearsals Wednesday from 7.20 - 8.20 am)

Our clarinet players may choose between joining the clarinet ensemble or our concert band, however the majority of our existing students elect to be in both.  One of the main benefits of being in a small ensemble is that closer attention and knowledge of the instrument can be provided from the conductor whose expertise lies in that particular instrument. The Clarinet Ensemble is conducted and directed by Mr Pierce Hurne. ​

PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE – Mother Lilia Percussion Ensemble
(Rehearsals Tuesday from 7.20 - 8.20 am)

The percussion ensemble uses tuned (xylophone, glockenspiel, timpani), untuned instruments (drum kit, snare drum, cymbals), auxiliary instruments like cowbell, rain-maker, triangle and body percussion to play interesting and contemporary pieces of music. This group welcomes any student involved in the program who can read music. Piano students may consider joining the ensemble as playing a tuned percussion instrument, such as a xylophone, is an extension of their skills.  The Mother Lilia Percussion Ensemble is conducted and directed by Miss Gabriella Gigante.


ADVANCED VOCAL ENSEMBLE - Vox Angelicus (Rehearsals Tuesday from 7.20 - 8.20 am)

This specialist group of singers are chosen after an audition process. Students who are advanced vocalists and performers are selected to rehearse and perform exciting a Capella pieces of music. The group focuses on singing in harmony, developing performance concepts as a group and stage presence. Please note, members of this group must also be committed members of Veritas Voices. Members are usually selected from Yr 9 – Yr 12.  Vox Angelicus is conducted and directed by Dr Daniel Jess. 

CONTEMPORARY BAND - The Oranges (Rehearsals Thursday from 3.15 - 4.15 pm)

The college contemporary band is an auditioned group whose repertoire is based on popular and rock music which is selected by the group. It offers guitar students, other instrumentalists and vocalists the opportunity to play in a small ensemble. The Oranges play at a variety of school and community events and is coordinated by Mr Michael Anderson.

LITURGICAL ENSEMBLE - Seignadou (Rehearsals​ Thursday from 7.20 - 8.20 am)

Music is an integral part of our college liturgical celebrations and Seignadou leads our College on these such occasions. The ensemble supports the congregation and student body during liturgies, masses and assembles as well as being a part of our performance program.  Members are usually selected from Yr 10 – Yr 12. Seignadou is conducted and directed by Mrs Jodi-May Hart.

​​​Private Lessons

Tuition in instrumental and vocal music is offered at San Sisto College. Students can elect to have individual or shared tuition in a number of instruments and the choices available are outlined below.

​Brass – Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba​Upper Strings – Violin, Viola
​Woodwind – Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone – Alto, Tenor and Baritone, Oboe, Bassoon.​Lower Strings – Cello, Double Bass
​Orchestral Percussion, Drum Kit​Voice
​Theory of Music​Bass Guitar
** Orchestral Percussion involves tuition on all percussion instruments - glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, hand held percussion as well as drumkit.


Students may elect their lesson to be either:

  • Private 30 mins ($34) 
  • Private 1 hour ($68) 
  • Shared 30 mins ($22.50 per student) 
A fortnightly lesson arrangement may be negotiated with individual tutors.
For more information on the Co-curricular Music Program, download the Music Handbook here ​Co-curricular Music Program Handbook 2020