Music Programs

With our outstanding instrumental teachers and band conductors our girls' musicianship is expected to further develop. For further information, please click the link to the 2017 Handbook for parents and students.


Mother Mary Molloy Band (Mother Mary Molloy Ensemble Rehearsal: Monday 7.20 am – 8.20 am)

The Mother Mary Molloy Band has been named after Mother Mary Molloy, a Dominican sister, who was a gifted musician. Mary Molloy was born in Dublin on 4 May 1832 She entered the community on September 12 1851, aged 19, and received the habit on February 14, 1852. Tall, dignified, graceful in appearance, Mother Mary Molloy was singularly gifted in many ways. Mary Molloy and her brothers had been educated privately. She spoke French, German and Italian fluently, and was sent to France to complete her education. She was a gifted musician, an artist, a mathematician and in addition, an excellent teacher.

This band is for players of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments with limited opportunities for keyboard players. The band performs at school concerts, community events and are also involved in some band competitions. The Mother Mary Molloy Band is conducted by Mr Tim Opstelten.

"The Oranges" Rock Band ("The Oranges" Rock Band Rehearsal: Thursday 12.35 pm – 1.15 pm)

The college Rock Band is an auditioned group whose repertoire is based on a popular and rock genre. It offers guitar students and other instrumentalists and vocalists the opportunity to play in a small ensemble situation. The Rock Band performs at a variety of school and community events. The Rock Band is conducted and directed by Mr Seamus Coye.


San Sisto College Choir - Veritas Voices (Meet Tuesday 3.15 – 4.15 pm in the College Chapel)

The choir is made up of girls from Year 8 - 12. This ensemble is not auditioned, with the emphasis being on the enjoyment and sense of achievement created by regular rehearsals and performances. All students are encouraged to join the choir, develop their musical skills and build new friendships. All instrumental students are encouraged to be members of the choir as it contributes positively to the development of aural skills and reading. Where possible the choir will perform in competitions. They participate in school liturgies, school events, combined programs and concerts. The Veritas Voices are conducted and directed by Ms Stephanie Dick.​

Vox Angelicus (Vox Angelicus Rehearsal:Tuesday 4.15 – 5.15 pm in the College Chapel)

This specialist group of singers are chosen after an audition process. Members of Vox Angelicus must also be members of the Veritas Voices. Vox Angelicus rehearsal will follow the Veritas Voices rehearsal on a Tuesday afternoon after school. Vox Angelicus is conducted by Ms Stephanie Dick.​



dou Ensemble (Seignadou Rehearsal: Wednesday 3.15 – 4.30 pm)


adou means 'sign from God' and the college's newest ensemble group who provide the liturgical music for the college. They play at all college masses, liturgies, assemblies and other muscial events within the college. The ensemble is largely made up of senior students who have developed their skills in our other ensembles and choir. Seignadou is conducted by Mrs Jodi-May Hart.​

Siena Strings Ensemble (Siena Strings Rehearsal: Wednesday 7.20 am – 8.20 am)

The String Ensemble consists of students from Year 8 – 12 who are able to play a string instrument. It is expected that all girls learning a string instrument will participate positively in this group. The String Ensemble performs at a variety of school and community events and they are also involved in some competitions. The Siena Strings are conducted and directed by Ms Deanna Connelly.​​

Private Lessons

Tuition is offered in the following instruments:
·         Flute
·         Piccolo
·         Oboe
·         Clarinet
·         Bass Clarinet
·         Bassoon
·         Saxophone – Alto, Tenor and Baritone
·         French Horn
·         Trumpet
·         Trombone
·         Tuba
·         Baritone
·         Euphonium
·         Violin
·         Viola
·         Cello
·         Double Bass
·         Guitar
·         Orchestral Percussion
·         Drumkit
·           Piano
·         Voice
·         Theory of Music
** Orchestral Percussion involves tuition on all percussion instruments - glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba, hand held percussion as well as drumkit.
Instrumental & Voice Programme: Students may elect their lesson to be either:
·         ½ hour private lesson (1 student)
·         ½ hour shared lesson (2 students) **Not available to piano students
tudents wishing to prepare for music exams (eg. AMEB) need to undertake private lessons in order to complete thorough individual exam preparation. This must be negotiated with the teacher.