About Us

​​​​San Sisto College is a learning community of approximately 850 students, ​t​hat specializes in the education of young women within a Catholic environment.

We seek to promote the principle that all members of our community (students, parents and staff) are learners.​

We have developed strategic, carefully integrated programs to maximize learning in the intellectual, social, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual domains.​


​The Five Dimensions of Learning (McREL) are nested within our Pedagogical Framework.

Dimension 1: Attitudes and Perceptions (for Learning, Life and Well-Being) must be positive for full involvement in the learning opportunities offered at the college.  Everything girls do should be “lined” with a positive attitude, an optimistic spirit, a healthy respect for life and learning and for all other members of the community.

Dimension 2: Acquiring and Integrating Knowledge, Dimension 3: Extending and Refining Knowledge and Dimension 4: Using knowledge Meaningfully inform our planning and teaching processes that promote higher order thinking and more effective learning outcomes.

Dimension 5: Habits of Mind and Spirit also serves as a “lining” or underpinning base for all learning activities. We have adopted Arthur Costa’s 16 Habits of Mind of Mind as the basis of this Dimension. Our Dominican heritage and ethos informs the development of habits of “Spirit”.

Catholic ethos, Dominican heritage and College Values permeate the fabric of life at the college. It is expected that college practices, policies and procedures all reflect our values.

Central to all we do is an attention to Right Relationships, Personal Well-Being and High Expectations. These elements help bind our strong community. ​​​​​