At San Sisto, we aim is to maintain a safe, healthy and attractive campus environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors with a combination of new and existing facilities that support the evolving needs of our college community.

Our Caesarini building includes two general learning areas, two flexible learning areas, a catering facility, a home economics classroom and dining room.

The Albertine Science Precinct includes science classrooms, prep room and science courtyard.

Our Siena Centre provides a superb space for learning, performing arts, sport and fitness. Enjoy the state of the art audio visual and lighting equipment and the su​perb creative art space with clay oven in our Fra Angelico Creative Arts Centre.​

The WELL (our centre for wellbeing) is just one part of a whole-of-college initiative to enhance the wellbeing of the girls and their parents in our community. It complements curriculum initiatives, the introduction of Psychology for all senior students, our physical and spiritual enrichment programs, meditative prayer and our Catholic ethos and Dominican charism in offering a place of integration. Its ethos is central to our community.

Students at San Sisto College head to the WELL when seeking nourishment for the body, mind and soul. The WELL offers students services that attend to their social and emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive wellbeing.

Our two multipurpose outdoor courts cater for a wide range of sports including netball, volleyball, and tennis.