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How to Enrolhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/enrolment/Pages/Application-Enquiry.aspx, http://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/enrolment/Pages/Application-Enquiry.aspxHow to EnrolEducating young women in Years 7 – 12 is an extraordinary privilege, and we thank you for expressing interest in our college as the school for your daughter.
Academic Excellencehttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/enrolment/Pages/Our-College.aspx, http://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/enrolment/Pages/Our-College.aspxAcademic Excellence​As a Catholic secondary college, we are committed to the education of young women. Our aim is to provide a learning environment that supports students
Register for a College Tourhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/enrolment/Pages/openday.aspx, http://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/enrolment/Pages/openday.aspxRegister for a College TourCollege tours are conducted during a normal college day to provide you and your family with a true sense of our San Sisto community. All members of the family are welcome to attend.

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Art and Science Intrinsically Linkedhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/latest-news/Pages/Art-and-Science-Intrinsically-Linked.aspxArt and Science Intrinsically Linked<p style="text-align:left;"><span style="color:#050505;font-family:"segoe ui historic", "segoe ui", helvetica, arial, sans-serif;white-space:pre-wrap;">​​ San Sisto students displayed their brilliant visual art pieces in a science inspired art show to celebrate the fluid connection between the two seemingly opposite yet connected disciplines during this year's Science Week. Students and staff were awed by elaborate, intricate, microscopic and life sized works including drawings, sculptures, light installations, tactile creations and pictures of insect wings, leaves, clothing material and even a gecko's foot, magnified by a Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). ​ </span></p><p style="text-align:left;"><span style="color:#050505;font-family:"segoe ui historic", "segoe ui", helvetica, arial, sans-serif;white-space:pre-wrap;"><img src="/latest-news/SiteAssets/Pages/Art-and-Science-Intrinsically-Linked/Science%20Art%20Show%20Face.jpg" alt="Science Art Show Face.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:582px;" /></span><img src="/latest-news/SiteAssets/Pages/Art-and-Science-Intrinsically-Linked/Science%20Show%20Crysalis.jpg" alt="Science Show Crysalis.jpg" style="color:#050505;font-family:"segoe ui historic", "segoe ui", helvetica, arial, sans-serif;white-space:pre-wrap;margin:5px;width:582px;" /><span style="color:#050505;font-family:"segoe ui historic", "segoe ui", helvetica, arial, sans-serif;white-space:pre-wrap;"><br></span></p><p>​<img src="/latest-news/SiteAssets/Pages/Art-and-Science-Intrinsically-Linked/Science%20Show%20Coasters%20web.jpg" alt="Science Show Coasters web.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:582px;" /><br></p><p><img src="/latest-news/SiteAssets/Pages/Art-and-Science-Intrinsically-Linked/Science%20show%20Microscope%20Photo.jpg" alt="Science show Microscope Photo.jpg" style="margin:5px;width:582px;" />​<br></p><p>​<br>​<br></p>
San Sisto College's 60 Year Anniversaryhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/latest-news/Pages/San-Sisto-College's-60-Year-Anniversary.aspxSan Sisto College's 60 Year Anniversary​<p>​​Recently, San Sisto College's Principal, Shelley Hamilton retold the inspiring story of the beginnings of the College at its 60-year anniversary milestone on San Sisto Day.  Special guests, including the Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education Ms Pam Betts, Senior Leader Mrs Catherine Thompson, local councillor Ms Lisa Attwood, past Principal Ms Terry Creagh, members of the Our Lady of Graces parish, leadership team members of St Martin's School, past and present Board and P & F Executives and representatives of the Past Pupils Association, plus over 1000 staff, students and community members.</p><p>“We are ever grateful to the Dominican sisters who had a vision for the Catholic education of young women in Brisbane.  The sisters provided the structure and purpose that enabled our college to develop and grow to be the outstanding school that it is today," Mrs Hamilton said.</p><p>“The San Sisto College story of 60 years is also one shaped by so many dedicated and passionate people, past and present. We enjoy coming together to thank these dedicated individuals and to celebrate our annual San Sisto Day," she said.</p><p>The 60-year San Sisto Day anniversary commenced with a community Mass followed by addresses from Ms Pam Betts and Shelley Hamilton.  San Sisto College hosted a special morning tea for the invited guests, and members of the Past Pupils Association. </p><p>In true San Sisto college spirit, the house groups; Catherine, Jude, Dominic and Rose gathered to commemorate the occasion with the house gro​up cake cutting and talent show. The students' performances were then followed by the traditional San Sisto Staff and Year 12 student “sing off".San Sisto College's mission​ is to be a Catholic community in the Dominican tradition where the heart, mind and spirit of each young woman is nurtured, challenged, and shape​d by the lived experience of the Gospel. The recent San Sisto 60-year anniversary was a wonderful testament to the College's connectivity and passion for its mission.​​<br></p><p>​<br></p> <img src="/latest-news/PublishingImages/Pam%20Betts%20Website%20Cropped.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:582px;" /> <br> <br> <p></p> <br>
College Musical 2021http://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/latest-news/Pages/College-Musical-2021.aspxCollege Musical 2021<p>San Sisto College is proud to present our new Beauty and the Beast musical for 2021. The musical runs from the 23 - 24 July with show times as follows:<br></p><p>July 23 - 7.30PM<br></p><p>July 24 - 2.00PM<br></p><p>July 24 - 7.30PM<br></p><p>Tickets are $25 Adults and $20 Concession<br></p><p>Enjoy an evening at the Chandler Theatre, Old Cleveland Rd, Chandler.<br></p><p>Click on the link to book your tickets today!</p><p>​<a href="https://www.trybooking.com/BRYFC">Click Here</a></p><p>​</p>
Collaborative Learninghttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/latest-news/Pages/Collaborative-Learning.aspxCollaborative Learning<p>The Year 10 English classes have started the year in the spirit of ‘Seeking Connectedness’ through inquiry research and collaborative learning.  What does this all mean?  Working together in small groups, students are tasked with working together to develop an understanding in a particular focus area and then to consider how best to convey that understanding to the rest of the class through a seminar presentation.<br></p><p>Collaboration and teamwork is considered to be a highly desirable skill in both the learning context and the workforce and so this activity work enhances knowledge, and skills in interaction and engagement with different perspectives. </p><p>During the student presentations, the rest of the class recorded their understanding through Cornell notes, an efficient and effective way of active listening to enable them to synthesise their newly acquired knowledge into a concise summary.  This is an additional invaluable skill within school and beyond at university level.  Each seminar was insightful, engaging and informative and provided a solid contextual foundation for a deeper appreciation of our focus novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.</p><p>Students reflected on this activity and their experience of collaborative learning:<br></p><ul><li><p>​I liked doing collaborative learning with a group on a PowerPoint. I worked really well with my group and had fun learning about the topic and creating a PowerPoint. I liked sharing the work and researching in a group. it made it easy to make a PowerPoint over such a big topic. It was fun. </p></li><li><p>I found that working with others made the research task easier in the way of collecting information. The facts I wasn't able to find, my group helped me to organise what I needed. Working together helps make the entire group closer and better at communicating with others. </p></li><li><p>I found that the collaborative task we did during the past three lessons, helped make the task engaging and enjoyable. Having to present to the class proved what we learnt about each of our topics and listening to others presentations helped to understand our terms topic.</p><br></li></ul>
Learning and Teaching In Our Classroomshttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/latest-news/Pages/Learning-and-Teaching-In-Our-Classrooms.aspxLearning and Teaching In Our Classrooms<p>​​​As the school year begins our focus is on identifying the learning needs of our students and working together to create learning goals in each subject. At the start of Term 1, in our classrooms, teachers are working on setting learning goals with students and classes to ensure steady and achievable improvement throughout the year.</p><p>At home, this would be an ideal time to review last year’s Semester Two report and talk about setting realistic and achievable goals for the year. It is important that our goals are set in the “Goldilocks” zone: not too simple and not too difficult. Too simple and there is no effort required; too challenging and it is frustrating. </p><p>The question we ask in the classroom is - what is the next level for this student and how can we help them to achieve it?  In our classrooms teachers will be talking to students about strategies that help them learn and what they identify as their challenges. Learning should provide challenge, it does require effort. These discussions help the teacher choose which combination of strategies will best suit the needs of the students in their classroom to provide the right amount of challenge and support.</p><p>Research on learning effectiveness (<a href="http://www.evidencebasedteaching.org.au/hatties-2017-updated-list/">Hattie, 2017​</a>) states that two of the most effective impacts on student improvement are: the teacher’s estimate of the student’s achievement potential; and the self-reported grade prediction from the student. This is a powerful combination so it is vital that we start the year in alignment. If we strengthen this with support from home, we have already begun to achieve our college theme for the year: Seeking Connectedness by working together towards clearly defined and achievable learning goals.</p><p>Looking forward, the end of the year should bring a wonderful opportunity to celebrate not only progress, but the effort it takes to make it happen. Proud moments for our students are earned through hard work.  We can celebrate the effort and guide through the challenges when we have a shared understanding of what progressing through learning looks like for each student.</p> <font face="Calibri"></font><font size="3"></font><font color="#000000"></font><font face="Times New Roman"></font><p>Mrs Cara Robinson-Taylor<br>Academic Leader: Learning and Teaching​</p><p>​</p>

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Working Beehttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=170Working Bee22/10/2021 10:00:00 PM
Yr 7 Immunications HPV Dose 2http://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=149Yr 7 Immunications HPV Dose 231/10/2021 11:00:00 PM
Year 12 Last Dayhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=142Year 12 Last Day19/11/2021 12:00:00 AM
Yr 10 & 11 Last Dayhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=143Yr 10 & 11 Last Day26/11/2021 12:00:00 AM
Last Day Term 4http://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=135Last Day Term 43/12/2021 12:00:00 AM
Open Dayhttp://www.sansisto.qld.edu.au/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=171Open Day22/05/2022 12:00:00 AM

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